Order Cancellation and Refund Policy

We try our best to keep our SSL and other products in range, updated and that too at very affordable prices. Being customer satisfaction our main motto we withstand our products for 30 days by offering the opportunity of the refund.

Order once placed by the customers can be cancelled within 30 days with 100% cash back offer.

Am I charged for cancelling the order?

Nope. We definitely respect the decision as well as desire of our customers here at SSLMatrix. Any order can be cancelled within 30 days without the need of spending any penny.

Do I get back my money 100%?

Yes. We believe in transparency of the business. As soon as the order is cancelled you will get your 100% money back, provided it should be done within the 30 days where order date will be counted as the initial date.

How can I cancel my order?

Once you have concluded to cancel the order:

  • First of all please login into your SSL account with your User ID and password which SSLMatrix provided you at the time of sign up.
  • Search for the order number you need to cancel and click on it once you find it.
  • You will land on the page showing the full details of your number. Scroll down the page and from the action menu select Cancel and click the Go button.

You will get an e-mail confirming the cancellation details. As soon as your cancellation is approved you will get your refund.

Note: Once you have cancelled an order of the SSL certificate, you are no more liable to use it and you are requested to uninstall it as soon as possible.

Is there any other alternative for cancellation process?

Yes, of course there is. For this you need to send a cancellation request in an e-mail to . Please note that along with the cancellation request you have to attach a copy of the invoice which you must have received at the time of purchase.

If you face any issue or have any query regarding the cancellation process then you can ask for help at (contact details).

    Privacy Policy

  • Data/Information collection

When do we collect information from you?

The SSLMatrix collects information from you, whenever you place a purchase order, sign up for an account, subscribe to our newsletter and fill up a form.

What information do we collect from you?

For a specific process we collect your personally identifiable information like: first and last name, mailing address or office address (whichever is required), e-mail address and phone numbers.

What is the information collected used for?

Information collected from the customers is used for purposes like: order processing, e-mail communications, fulfillment of a buying/selling request, informing about eminent offers, renewal reminders and support issues if asked for.

Is the information used without persuader’s knowledge?

We respect the trust of the customers which have earned through our transparent and honest deliverance. We do not share our customer’s information without their permission or beyond the terms and conditions mentioned in our privacy policy statement.

If a customer approves the sharing of his/her info then and then only we use it and that too is used in his/her interest such as adding his/her e-mail id in our mailing lists.

  • Data/Information sharing:

Is the information shared with third parties?

Yes, the information is shared. As mentioned above the information is shared with governmental agencies and other trusted third parties like Certificate Authorities, payment processing websites like PayPal for processing of credit/ transactions and identity authentication.

With whom the information is shared?

The information is shared with trusted Certificate Authorities and in some cases with payment processing websites like PayPal. In all these full care is taken regarding the privacy of the customer’s data. Also the information shared is always in the interest of the customer.

In what cases the information needs to be shared?

We may share the information including but not limited to in the circumstances mentioned below:

  • When it is a hard and fast required doing so or it is a part of a certain law of course with permission.
  • With need of protection from certain threats and illegal transactions.
  • Sometimes for the purpose of investigation as the fraud may have already happened.

In any case, at SSLMatrix customer’s information is not leaked and/or sold or traded to any entity for marketing purposes, duly respecting the trust of the customer and following the unbreakable moral of honesty.

  • Data security

Can I trust SSLMatrix for providing my personal information?

SSLMatrix strictly follows its principles of honesty and transparency. You can rest assure that your data is in safe hands. We never ever sell or trade the information provided by our customers.

How SSLMatrix ensures the safety of the data?

We enforce strong measures for the security. Moreover, the access to the data is limited to authorized employees, agents and contractors (whose main aim is to secure the data no matter what). You can any time unsubscribe to our emails and newsletters.

Cookie/Tracking Technology:

What is cookie and what does it do?

Whenever a client sends a request to a web server a small text file is created by server and saved on the client’s system which is known as cookie. It is very passive and harmless in a sense that it does not contain a virus, spyware or adware also it does not steals or tracks down the personal information.