EV SSL Certificates

Starts from $125.00 per year

EV SSL Products & Price

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Certificate – starts from $125.00 /Year
Symantec™ Secure Site with EV – starts from $682.00 /Year
Symantec™ Secure Site Pro with EV (SGC) – starts from $1129.50 /Year


The EV SSL Certificate is a true mark of website authentication, confirming that the site you are visiting is absolutely safe and legitimate. When a customer looks at a green bar, he becomes confident for online transactions. EV SSL Certificate provides a substantial authentication for your website and organization.

EV SSL protects your business from Phishing attacks. It is impossible for hackers to crack your confidential information after implementing EV Certificate. You can show it to customers while online shopping and thus, you can beat the competitors. EV always acts as a traffic generator for a website.

EV Certificate provides a relax experience to online shoppers, protecting their online information with 256-bit encryption. A dynamic site seal and a warranty amount also inspire shoppers for online shopping.

Features of EV certificate:

  • Green Address Bar: EV certificate turns your address bar into a green bar. When visitors look at your green bar they will find your website a safe place for browsing, which results into profit in near future. It can helps in mouth publicity of your website.
  • Robust Encryption: EV certificate supports up to 256-bit encryption to secure your online transactions and provide respite to users.
  • Phishing Protection: EV certificate is the only certificate that provides protection against phishing fraud. EV certificate authenticates your website and assures users that they are not visiting any phishing website.
  • Compatibility: EV certificate is compatible with mostly PC and mobile browsers. It carries 99.9% browser compatibility.