Domain Validation

Starts from $8.00 per year


RapidSSL Certificate – starts from $8.00 /year
Thawte SSL123 – starts from $33.00 /year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate – starts from $39.00 /year


Domain Validation Certificate is a primary level validation certificate, having a powerful cryptography and surety of safe on-line transactions. A domain validation certificate is issued exclusively to those folks that have ownership of a site.

Domain Validation Certificate carries a rapid issuance and a low cost feature. There is no need to submit any documents to certificate authority for obtaining domain certificate. Domain Certificate matches universally support of browsers. The authority’s trust seal makes your business trustworthy. Robust encryption makes easy your online transactions and provides a relief to online shoppers. Organizations can drive their business peacefully with domain validation certificate.

The main features of Domain Validation Certificate are:

Speed: It follows a rapid issuance procedure. The owner can get it within a minute.
Price: Domain Validation is the cheapest SSL certificate because it does not require any document to issue such a certificate.
Browser support: It has a universally browser acceptance for both PC and mobile.
Encryption: A robust encryption with such a low cost price makes domain certificate renowned in the online industry.
Trust Seal: Domain Validation certificate comes with an authority’s trust seal that gains confidence in customers and assures about online transactions.
Warranty: Domain Validation certificate provides a warranty amount in case of breach of security.