SSL Certificates

Starts from $8.00 per year

Domain Validation Certificate

– starts from $8.00 /year
The motive of securing your browser with quickest and cost effective SSL protection can be achieved through Domain Validation Certificate. Without any worry of legal formalities, organization can obtain Domain certificate. It can take a couple of minutes for issuing domain validation certificate that establishes your domain ownership. The process is automated and there is no need to verify the identity of organization, it is the affordable certificate in SSL industry. The information carried between the server and user’s computer will have a strong cryptography so that attackers cannot intercept the information. Domain Validation Certificate is a primary level certificate without it, your website will be viewed as suspicious and unreliable. Organizations can run their business quietly with domain validation certificate. Domain Validation certificate offers a warranty in case of any security blow. The domain certificate is compatible with the most of browsers so, there is no issue for browser compatibility. This certificate is also compatible with desktop and mobile browsers.

Business Validation Certificate

– starts from $59.00 /year


When it comes to business authentication and customer’s trust, Business validation certificate served the best since its inception. Business Validation secures your domain as well verifies your business. It provides distinctiveness to online business and increases confidence of your clients. For getting Business Validation Certificate, the organization has to submit identity proof with business validation documents as required by a certificate authority. This certificate is compatible with most mobile and PC browsers and your visitors will know that their data is safe over the internet. The encryption level will depend on the SSL certificate that a company or individual choose. The procedure for getting business validation certificate is less rigorous therefore; Business Validation certificate takes one day for issuance. Visitors can see the security seal when they visit your website that confirms your company as a validate company.

Wildcard Certificate

– starts from $79.00 /year


The website owner cannot secure subdomains like blog.website.com and mail.website.com with a domain certificate. However, wildcard changes this situation and provide strong protection to all subdomains of your server. There is no need to purchase a separate certificate for each subdomain all the domains will be verified under Wildcard Certificate. Wildcard certificate provides three types of benefits like cost saving of a website owner, strong encryption, and detailed verification of your business. Many website administrators prefer to buy wildcard because of its cost saving element and ability to secure multiple subdomains under a single certificate. The website owner can add on additional subdomains at the renewal of certificate.

EV Certificate

– starts from $125.00 /year


The most secure and inspiring certificate that secures more than your data over the internet. It establishes trust and authenticity of your organization in a true manner. The process of business verification includes the company’s existence verification, cross checking of government official record where your company is recorded, domain right confirmation. When organization applies EV on its browser it turns your browser into green bar that shows to people about the website authenticity and establishes your business as a valid business. Such green bar enhances the confidence of a customer and provides a secure environment while doing online shopping. EV Certificate is compatible with mobile devices, Blackberry, Smartphones, PDA, mobile phones. It is like an investment for the visitor’s safety, which shows that you are committed to your customer’s security.

SGC Certificate

– starts from $1129.50 /year


SGC Certificate is most beneficial for organizations that use an old browsers; SGC helps old browsers by upgrading encryption capabilities up to 256-bit encryption. The certificate verifies your complete business with domain and provides the highest encryption that your customer wants.It is vulnerable for an organization if it runs old browser because the confidential information like login idand password will be easily cracked by hackers. By applying SGC, customers can feel relax in relations of security hurdle. SGC help to increase website traffic even if you have an old browser and certificate authority also provide free site seal that enhances the confidence of your customers. SGC is compatible with more than 99% browsers. There are certain authorities as Symantec that also provide SGC ability with EV certificate that shows the importance of SGC Certificate.

SAN Certificate (UCC)

– starts from $39.00 /year


SAN (Subject Alternate Name) is used for Unified Communication that secures MS exchange 2007 server, office communication server 2007, or mobile device manager, intranet, hostnames. SAN has the ability to secure your domain and other 24 domains under a single certificate. Furthermore, it requires no more CSR keys except for a primary domain. A small business owner with multiple applications can easily secure its applications with a single SAN certificate. SAN takes a less time in installation, is an affordable certificate for organizations. SAN certificate shows the current date and time stamp in authority’s site seal that forms positive impression on customers. The certificate is equipped with the highest encryption that protects customer’s information from online attacks. The purchaser of SAN can add additional SAN domain names at any time during the life period of a certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

– starts from $125.00 /year


Code Signing Certificate is ideal for software developers, code, and online content. Code Signing verifies the software developer by assuring that the code has not been compromised since its inception. It provides digital signature mechanism that verifies the identity of an author. It shows a message showing “unknown publisher” when any malicious software originates. Downloader can safeguard his PC from malicious downloads. Hence, it creates trustworthiness on the part of software download and relaxes software developer’s burden. Code Signing Certificate involves the information about software developers and their software code details. Code Signing includes two keys one is for public, and the other is for the developer. Developers apply a private key to build or update software. With Code Signing, developers can become free from software hacking. It removes software warnings and gain confidence in your customers.